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Changes to Grading for Spring 2020

In recognition of the unique challenges that students are facing during this time, the University of Denver is instituting changes in our grading systems for the spring 2020 quarter and semester. With the exception of Sturm College of Law, the university will give students the option to convert their letter course grades for spring 2020 into a Pass/No Pass mode. More information regarding this decision and details pertaining to the new grading systems can be found below:

Will COVID-related changes to the university affect my ability to receive my diploma?

No. Students can expect diplomas to be mailed out as usual. However, diploma pick-up service will not be available until further notice. More information regarding diplomas can be found at

I'm looking to turn in a form, but the on-campus office is not open. What should I do?

Email! Our office will be accepting scanned and electronic forms via email at

I'm concerned about online classes – will I get a 'W' on my transcript if I decide to withdraw during the first week?

No. To support our students during this time of uncertainty, we have extended the time to drop without a W and receive a 100% refund from the standard one week to two weeks. The new 100% drop date is April 12th. Students in short classes will also have an extended drop period. For short classes starting the week of March 30th, the 100% drop date is extended to April 8th. For short classes starting the week of May 4th the 100% drop date is extended to May 13th.

I don't think I can handle online courses. Should I just withdraw for the spring and plan to come back in fall 2020?

We would recommend that students not disrupt their academic journey for a whole quarter, especially as DU is ramping up resources, tools and advising to support the transition and navigation into these new online learning environments. However, students who do determine that they want to withdraw for spring should understand the financial and academic ramifications of this academic action. More information and guidance regarding withdrawal can be found at

What's going to happen with spring graduation? Will it proceed as planned or be cancelled?

The spring undergraduate ceremony is scheduled for June 13, and the graduate ceremony is scheduled for June 12. As of right now these milestone events have not been cancelled. A final decision about the June ceremonies will be announced by the Office of the Chancellor no later than May 1.

Will course fees be waived since all courses are going online?

Course fees are determined by the academic units. Students should reach out directly to the department(s) to find out more information regarding fees for spring quarter.


1.A course I need to take is full. How can I register for this course ?

You cannot register for a closed course. Registration is closed for a course that has reached its seating capacity. Some courses are offered at multiple times or with different instructors. If the same course is offered at another time that's open and fits your schedule, you may register for it.

  • If the closed course has an on-line waitlist, you can put yourself on the waitlist;  however, being on the wait list does not guarantee your entry into the class. The instructor or department will contact you if a seat becomes available.
  • If there is no wait list, you can periodically check the courses enrollment status on the on-line Schedule of Classes. Seats occasionally become available when students drop the course.
  • Always prepare your schedule with alternates for each course that meet at the same time or at times that will not disrupt your entire schedule.
2. My instructor submitted a registration permission, but I still cannot register. When I search for the class, I cannot click the Add button.
  1. In order to register for a class for which special permission has been granted, you must enter the CRN (course reference number) directly.
  2. Click the “Enter CRNs” tab.
  3. Enter the CRN for the course for which you wish to register. Click “Add to Summary.” The course will appear in the registration Summary panel.
  4. Click Submit. You are registered!
3. The online catalog shows that there are open seats in a course, but when I attempt to register it still says waitlisted. Why?

This is because the seats that have become available are reserved for those people who are included on the waitlist. Waitlisted students are not automatically registered when seats become available; students must register themselves after notified that they have been approved to register for the class. The best thing to do in this case is for you to put yourself on the waitlist, provided the waitlist is still open. See Register Courses with Restrictions on this web site for more information.

4. I am on the waitlist for the course. How will I know if I got in?

Students who attempt to register for a closed section may add their names to the waitlist for that section. If a seat in the section becomes available, notice will be sent to the University of Denver’s recorded preferred email address of the student at the top of the waitlist, who will have 24 hours to log in to his or her PioneerWeb account and add the class.

The open seat will be reserved solely for the student at the top of the waitlist: no other student may register for the seat during the 24-hour time period. If the student at the top of the waitlist does not add the class within the 24-hour period, he or she will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified.

5. How do I register for an independent study or independent research?

You must complete an Independent Study/Research registration form. The form is available in the reception area of the registrars office, University Hall, garden level. The form must be completed in full and with all required signatures in order to ensure that you are registered properly. Required information includes the three or four letter course subject code (HED, PSYC, INTS, CFSP, etc.) and the correct course number (typically, Independent study: Undergraduate - 3991, Masters level - 4991, Doctoral level 5991 and independent research: 3XXX, 4995, 5995). If you are an undergraduate, you will need to obtain (in most cases) three signatures: one from the Registrars Office, one from your supervising instructor, and one from the chairperson or director of the academic program in which you are taking the independent study/research. If you are a graduate student, you will need to obtain two signatures: one from your supervising instructor, and one from your advisor. Oftentimes these are the same person; if so, he or she should sign the form twice. Make sure you have all signatures and that you sign and date the form before you submit it to the registrars office.

  • A student may not register for an independent study as a substitute for a course.
  • A student who must take a course that is not being offered prior to the students anticipated graduation date and who needs the course in order to meet graduation requirements may be eligible for Directed Study.

Make sure you have all signatures and that you sign and date the form before you submit it to the registrars office.

6. How do I register for thesis/dissertation credits?

Thesis and dissertation credits are registered as Independent Research hours, using an Independent Study/Research registration form. Once the form is completed with all information and required signatures, submit the form to the Office of the Registrar in the reception area in University Hall, garden level.

7. How do I drop a course online?

Courses can be dropped via your PioneerWeb without instructor approval through the sixth week of a traditional ten week term.

To drop a course via the web, please log into your PioneerWeb account and proceed to Registration (this is where you added courses for the term). Click on the Student tab and Registration under the Advising and Registration Tools. Click on Register for Classes. Select the current term. Your courses for the term will be listed and available to drop. Select the appropriate class you wish to drop/delete OR web withdraw with the drop-down menu in that line. Click "Submit". The course will be removed from your schedule.

Please note, you cannot drop your last class via this Registration process noted above. To drop all of your classes/your last class, please review Registration-Question 8 below.

8. I am registered for one course and need to drop it, but the web does not allow me to do so. How can I drop this course?

Students cannot drop the last class in which they are enrolled (i.e. drop to zero credit hours) via web registration. Dropping all of your courses constitutes withdrawing from school. If you are replacing the course with another, try adding the new course first, then dropping the other. If the web does not allow you to do this because the two courses are at the same time (thereby giving you a time conflict error), you may call the registration coordinator at 303.871.4026 or 303.871.4095 who will assist you. If you are intending to withdraw from school, you must follow official withdrawal procedures, which include completing a withdrawal form. You may also submit a withdraw request via your PioneerWeb under the MyWeb tab or the Banner Self Service box. Click on Student, followed by Registration, and finally Withdraw from DU

For Official Withdrawal procedures Graduate Student Form

Undergraduate Withdrawal Form

9. Why have I been charged a late registration fee?

Late registration fees (service charge) are applied if you have not registered for any credits before the first day of a term. If you make registration changes after a quarter has begun, late registration fees do not apply to you. Late registration service charges increase as the quarter goes on, to a maximum of $100. This is to ensure students register in a timely manner. Late registration service charges are applied automatically and cannot be waived.

10. How many credit hours do I need to be registered for to be considered a full-time student?

Undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered full-time. Graduate students must be registered for a minimum of 8.

11. How many credit hours do I need to be registered for in order to be included in the flat-rate tuition scheme?

Not all units use the flat-rate structure for tuition assessment. First, check the Tuition and Fees page to make sure that your program is billed with a flat-rate. For example, graduate students in the Daniels College of Business (quarter) and in the College of Law (semester) are billed by credit hour.

Both undergraduates and graduates who are eligible to be billed the flat-rate must be registered for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 to be included in the flat-rate tuition scheme. Students who take over 18 credit hours will be billed for each hour that exceeds 18.

Related Links:

  1. Go to Register for Classes and successfully add the course.
  2. Once the course is registered, click on the Schedule and Options tab in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the underlined number in the Hours field. A drop down will become visible.Select the appropriate credits you wish to be registered for.
  4. Hit Submit in the lower right hand corner. You are now registered for the hours selected.

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13. How do I register for Continuous Enrollment?

Before you can register for Continuous Enrollment on the web or on-site you must get approval. Complete the Continuous Enrollment application, available from the Office Of Graduate Education website or from the Graduate Studies Office, room 5 in Mary Reed Building. You must apply for Continuous Enrollment annually (renewable each Autumn Quarter for the academic year). Once your eligibility for Continuous Enrollment credit is determined, you will be given on-line permission to register for each term in the current academic year. You must then register online through PioneerWeb, or contact the the Office of the Registrar at 303.871.4095 for assistance. Even though you only need to submit an application once a year, it is important that you remember to register yourself into continuous enrollment each quarter. You will not be automatically registered. For more information on Continuous Enrollment credit, see the policy on the Graduate Studies web site (link below).

Related Link: Continuous Enrollment Application

14. Why must Continuous Enrollment be exactly 8 credit hours?

Enrollment in eight credit hours is considered to be full-time for graduate students at the University of Denver and is, therefore, the number used. Continuous Enrollment is designed for and required of students who have completed all coursework and are pursuing full-time academic work or research required for the completion of their degrees. The enrollment in credit hours, which are not counted towards the students degree and are not posted on a students transcript as earned credit, is the University's method of internal tracking and external reporting the full-time status of those students completing non-course degree requirements.

Related Links: Continuous Enrollment Application

15. Can I be registered for Continuous Enrollment and enrolled in one or more standard courses concurrently?

No. A student must have completed all coursework and be working on a thesis or dissertation in order to be eligible to register for Continuous Enrollment status. A student may register for independent research hours while enrolled in continuous enrollment if it is required by the academic unit or program. The student will be charged the regular tuition rate for these credit hours in addition to the continuous enrollment fees.

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16.Why cant I drop or add a course on the web?

The most common reason for this is that you are trying to make registration changes after the first week of a quarter. With the exception of courses offered during a second five-week session, online registration is turned off after the first week. Any registration changes after the first week of the quarter must go through the Office of the Registrar. Approval is required to add courses after the first week.

17. When I try to register for classes via the web, I get a message that says I have no registration time ticket.

A registration time ticket is the registration time and date assignment a student is given in order to be eligible for on-line registration. Because the College of Law is on a semester based calendar, there is often confusion when selecting the proper term. All students who are not taking classes at the College of Law should select quarter when prompted to enter the term from the drop-down menu. If, when you attempt to register a no time-ticket error message appears, check that you have selected the correct term. If you have selected the proper term and still encounter the time ticket error, it may be due to you're not being registered for the current term. Time tickets are automatically assigned only to students with current registration records. If you still encounter the error after selecting the correct term, contact The Registration Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar at 303.871.4026 or

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 Refer to the time assignment page for more information.

18. I need to withdraw from all my classes. How do I do this?

Undergraduate Students: With the exception of undergraduate students in the University College, an undergraduate student who has withdrawn from the University (for leave of absence, or medical leave of absence) must first go to the Center for Academic and Career Development (the Center), located in Driscoll Center South, lower level (below the book store) for an exit interview.

Undergraduate Students in University College should contact the University College registration office for re-entry. Contact information is available at the University College website

Students who have received federal or state funds through financial aid programs must also have an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office.

A student who is not in academic good standing at the time of withdrawal must contact an adviser in the Center before readmission. A student with 90 or more quarter hours majoring in business who is not in academic good standing at the time of withdrawal should contact a Daniels College of Business adviser.

Click here to visit LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY.

Graduate Students: Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence

A student with a serious medical condition may elect to stop-out or withdraw from the University with appropriate medical documentation. After dropping all classes, students may apply for a medical leave of absence.

Students in the College of Law must complete a Graduate Student Withdrawal form, whether or not you intend to return. This form is available from the Office of the Registrar, or online at The form must be completed in full with all required signatures before submitting it to the College of Law registrar for final signature and processing.

University College students use the same Graduate Student Withdrawal form but should visit the University College website at for more information.

19. How can I take a course for no credit?

It is at the instructor’s discretion to grant you permission to change a course to no credit.

Certain courses or sections of courses are not available to be taken for no credit.

The most common method to register for no credit is to have the instructor sign a completed add/drop slip, indicating that he or she authorizes you to register for the course for no credit, then submit the add/drop slip to the Office of the Registrar.

Add/drop slips are available in the reception area in the Office of the Registrar.

  • Once enrolled in a course for no credit, you cannot change the course to credit.
  • Students must register for no credit prior to the end of the sixth week of the quarter.

Related Links: Refer to the Register Courses Requiring Approvals for more information.

20. I am not an enrolled student of the University of Denver, but I would like to take a course and really don’t need credit for it. How can I do this?

With the exception of University College and non-credit programs through other colleges or schools at the University of Denver, the tuition assessment and approval process will be the same whether you take a course for credit or for no credit.

If you have a baccalaureate degree, you must obtain and complete an application for graduate special status  with the appropriate departmental signature. You must re-apply to the appropriate graduate department each term. Proof of degree is required. Once accepted, you may register with new students immediately prior to the beginning of each term (not during priority registration). You can contact Office of the Graduate Studies for more information. 

If you do not have a baccalaureate degree, you must apply for undergraduate special status through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, room 110 in University Hall, 303-871-2036 or Instructor approval is not required for admission into a course unless there are specific course restrictions, pre-requisites or approvals.

Related Links: Refer to the Register Courses Requiring Approvals for more information.

See Registration Eligibility for more information.

21.I do not have my alternate PIN to register.

Starting winter quarter 2010, registration forms have been eliminated for undergraduate students. In the past, undergraduate students were assigned an "alternate PIN" each quarter which was required to access web registration. The "alternate PIN" was provided to students by advisers in order to assure students received appropriate advising. The "alternate PIN" was printed on the Registration Form produced by the Registrar's Office and given to students' advisers.

Beginning with registration for winter quarter 2010, we will no longer distribute printed Registration Forms. Students will receive registration information via email prior to advising week. Students, faculty and advisers can see important registration information at Registrar's website.

Undergraduates must still see their adviser to be able to register. Once advised, advisers will simply delete the alternate PIN through PioneerWeb, thus clearing the student to register. The Delete Alternate PIN function is located in the Faculty Registration Tools channel on the Faculty tab of PioneerWeb.

The alternate PIN functions as adviser approval for registration purposes; therefore, the Office of the Registrar cannot release the registration form or the alternate PIN to students.

Undergraduate students who do not have an alternate PIN must contact the following for alternate PIN information as appropriate:

22. I am a student of University College, the College of Law or the Graduate School of Social Work and I have a question.

Your college has its own registration or student services staff available to help you.

University College Registration Office: 2211 S. Josephine, 303-871-2291

Registrar’s Office of the College of Law: 303-871-6132

Graduate School of Social Work Registrar: Craig Hall, 303-871-2843

Grades and Grading

1. Why is there a “W” on my transcript and what does it mean?

“W” stands for “withdrawal.” A “W” will appear on your transcript when you withdraw from a class after the first week of the term (coincides with the end of the 100% tuition refund period). It does not affect your GPA. A “W” cannot be removed from your record.

Related Link: Grades and grading

2. If I retake a class in which I received a “W” and earn a letter grade, will the “W” be removed?

No. The “W” will remain on your transcript; the course will simply appear again on your transcript in the quarter that it was taken with the grade you earned.

Related Link: Grades and grading

3. I have a question about the status of a grade change.

Please contact the grading coordinator at the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4986 or

4. What is an Incomplete (I) and how do I get one?

An Incomplete (I) is a temporary grade notation indicating that you have not completed the work for a course before the quarter ended. It is only given because of extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing your coursework.

In order to receive an “I,” you must request that your instructor assign the grade to you, with an agreement that you will complete the unfinished coursework within one year. Once the work is completed, the instructor can replace the “I” with a final letter grade by following t he instructions for changing grades.

Related Links: Incomplete grade policy

5. Does the University mail grades?

No. If you require an official copy of your grade report for a quarter, you may print your final grade screen after logging into PioneerWeb, and selecting the myWeb tab. From the menu, select Student & Financial Aid, then Student Records, then Final Grades. Choose the appropriate quarter, and click Submit. A printed copy of this screen will count as an official grade report.

Related Links: Grades and grading

6. Can I request to take a course for pass/fail instead of a letter grade?

No. In general, pass/fail is not an option. Some courses are offered only as pass/fail. There is no option to choose pass/fail instead of a letter grade.

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7. How do I appeal a grade?

Refer to the grade appeal procedures in the grading section of this website.

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Undergraduate student grade appeal

Graduate student appeal for academic grievances


1. How do I order a transcript? Transcripts can be ordered one of two ways: by a signed request in writing, or online.

Transcripts can be ordered either online or by a paper form.

To order a transcript through our online system, log in to PioneerWeb and select the myWeb tab. Then click on Student, then Student Records and then Request Printed/Official Transcript. Ordering transcripts online is generally much faster and allows you to pay by credit card.

Unofficial transcripts can be viewed online by logging in to PioneerWeb and selecting the myWeb tab. Click Student, then Student Records, then View/Print Unofficial Transcript.

Additionally, you can find the link to request official transcripts and the link to view unofficial transcripts under the Student tab, in the "Records and Requests" folder.

To request a transcript in person, you can use the transcript order form. There are copies of this form available in the reception area of the Office of the Registrar. The signed form must be submitted with cash, check, or money order by mail or in-person.
You must include your handwritten signature on all written requests.

If you will be picking up your requested transcripts in our office, you must provide photo identification. Only the student who made the request can pick up the transcript; if the student is willing to allow another party to request his or her transcripts, the student must provide written and signed consent (link If the student requires another party to pick up held transcripts, this must be indicated on the order form when requesting.

Official transcripts cannot be faxed. Payment must be received before transcripts will be sent.

Fees for transcripts

Official transcripts(mailed, pickup): $11.00

Official transcripts(PDF e-transcript): $11.00

Unofficial transcripts (mailed, pickup, faxed): $2.00

Same-day Official Transcript Pickup: $20.00

Same-day Unofficial Transcript Pickup: $5.00.

Related Links:Transcript order form

2. How long does it take for transcript orders to be processed?

Transcript requests take 1 to 2 business days to process from the date we receive the request and payment, provided there are no holds blocking the release of the transcript.

If you attended DU before 2000, it can take an extra 1-2 business days to process your request.

3. How can I pay for a transcript?

You can pay with a debit or credit card by ordering through the online system. If you order by paper form, we can only accept cash, check, or money order. We cannot accept credit cards for same-day pickup orders./p>

4. What is the difference between an official transcript and an unofficial transcript?

An official transcript is printed on special watermarked security paper with the seal of the University and the signature of the registrar. Paper transcripts come in sealed envelopes, and E-Transcripts come with security features. We cannot copy or fax official transcripts.

An unofficial transcript is printed on plain paper and is normally used for the student’s own viewing.

5. Will my transcript include all my DU coursework?

Yes. Any ordered transcript will include all of your work at any college or school at the University of Denver. This includes courses that were repeated as well as any English Language Center (ELC) courses. Continuous enrollment and courses taken through pre-collegiate or non-credit programs do not typically appear on a transcript.

If you are unsure about what information does and does not show up on your transcript, refer to your unofficial transcript. Everything that shows up on the unofficial will show up on the official as well.

6.I just graduated. When will my Degree show up on my transcript?

Degree information will show up at the top of your transcript once the degree has been conferred. If you request a transcript before the degree is conferred, it will not show up on the transcript. In general, all degrees are conferred within 3-4 weeks after the end of the term.

To ensure that your degree information is on your transcript before you order it, check your unofficial transcript. If the degree information is present there, it will be present on any official copy.

7. How can I ensure my latest grades or my new degree are on my transcript?

When ordering a transcript online or on paper, there is an option to hold the transcript for grades or for a degree. Checking the “Hold for Grades” box means that the transcript will not send until all of that term’s grades are posted. Checking the “Hold for Degree” box means that the transcript will not send until any pending degrees are conferred and awarded.

8. Will my transcript include copies of the transcripts from institutions I previously attended?

No. Accepted transfer credits will be indicated on your DU transcript, but DU does not have the authority to release copies of transcripts from other institutions. Per federal regulations (FERPA), transcripts from other institutions, although in the custody of the University of Denver, remain the property of those institutions.

9. How will transfer credits appear on my transcript?

Transfer credits will appear before the DU coursework is listed. Information regarding a student’s previous institutions attended and the total number of credit hours accepted from each institution is listed on the transcript. Individual classes and grades accepted by the University of Denver are not listed on the transcript.

10. Can my transcripts be released if I have holds?

Certain holds affect transcripts – no official transcript can be released while the hold is active on the account. The Registrar’s Office does not have the ability to override these holds and any questions or concerns must be directed to the office that assigned the hold.

It is possible to get a copy of an unofficial transcript when a hold is on the account by ordering it from our office via the paper form. Your unofficial transcript will not be viewable online if you have a hold on your account.

Related link: Registration holds

11. Will my transcript request be processed before the registrar’s office receives my payment?

No. Requests will be held until payment is received.

12. Can transcripts be faxed or emailed? What about picked up from your office?

Unofficial copies can be faxed, official copies cannot. We cannot send any transcript by email. The only way to have a transcript emailed to someone is to request a secure, official PDF e-transcript through our online ordering system.

You can request that transcripts be held for pickup from our office in both the online system and the paper form. You will receive an email when the transcript is ready to be picked up.

Student Records

1. How do I change or declare a major/minor?

Obtain the application to declare or change undergraduate degree/major/minor form online. You should return this form, signed by your major advisor, to the Office of the Registrar Reception Center, University Hall, Garden Level. Students declaring a major offered by the Daniels College of Business must first submit the form to the Daniels College of Business Advising Center for approval.

2. I need to complete and submit a Colorado Residency Form.

You may fill out the Colorado Residency Form (PDF) online. Please print and bring the completed form to the Office of the Registrar, room G55.

3. How do I apply for graduation?
4. I have a question about my diploma.

If you earned (or are pursuing) any undergraduate degree, including from the Women’s College and University College, or any graduate degree (except in Law or Graduate Tax), contact Kristina Nordwall at 303-871-4083 or

If you earned (or are pursuing) a degree in the Graduate Tax program, contact the program's office at 303-871-6209.

5. I have a question about some information on my Degree Audit Report.
  • Undergraduate students (Final two digits of student ID 03-31):  Contact Kristina Nordwall at 303-871-4083 or
  • Undergraduate students (Final two digits of student ID 32-66): Contact Blake Brennan at 303-871-4029 or
  • Undergraduate students (Final two digits of student ID 67-02): Contact Ariane Dupard at 303-871-3991 or

Please note that an Degree Audit Report is not an official evaluation of your degree requirements and is only intended to be a guideline. Your major and minor requirements and unrestricted electives will never show as “met.” If you have questions about undergraduate degree requirements, you may also schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by calling Academic Advising at 303-871-2455.

Related Links: Degree Audit

6. What do I need to do to transfer credits from another institution? .

Undergraduate students must complete Request Coursework Approval Form  in  PioneerWeb . 

Courses taken without prior approval may not be accepted in transfer credit by the University. Once the coursework is completed, an official transcript from that institution must be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

University College undergraduates, please visit:

Graduate students should get approval from their school or college before taking courses at another institution.

Graduate Studies (policies vary by program)

Graduate School of International Studies

Graduate School of Social Work

Graduate Tax Program

College of Law

Daniels College of Business

University College (policies vary by program)

Concurrent enrollment: Students wanting to enroll in courses at another institution must petition the Academic Exceptions Committee.

7. What should I do if credits did not transfer correctly?

Contact the transfer evaluator in the Office of the Registrar, room G55, at 303-871-3992.

8. What should I do if study abroad credits do not appear correctly?

Contact the study abroad coordinator in the Office of the Registrar, room G055, at 303-871-4985

9. I need the registrar’s office to verify that I am a student of the University.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095 or request verification online on PioneerWeb. To request verification, log in to PioneerWeb. Select the myWeb tab, then Banner Self-Service, then Student and Financial Aid, then Student Records and finally Request Enrollment Verification. After the request is processed, you will be sent an email with the verification document attached within 1 to 2 business days. You will need to forward the document to the requesting party.

10. I recently changed my name and need to inform the university.

A name change request form is available in the reception area of the Office of the Registrar, or for download on the registrar website . You may need to provide copies of official identification with your name change request. Submit this completed form with all appropriate documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Name change request form

11. I recently moved and need to update my address.

You may update your address by accessing myWeb through PioneerWeb. Log in to PioneerWeb, and select the myWeb tab. Then click Personal Information, and then Update Addresses and Phones. You can also submit a written request for changing or updating your address. The Address Change form is available in the registrar’s office or online at the registrar website. If you are experiencing difficulty, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095 or

Address change form

12. How many credit hours do I need to have passed in order to be considered a sophomore, junior, etc.?

For every 45 credit hours passed, you are promoted to the next class level. Therefore, 45 credit hours equals sophomore standing, 90 credit hours equals junior standing and 135 credit hours equals senior standing.

14. What is my class rank?

With the exception of the College of Law, the University of Denver does not calculate class rank or provide class rank information to its students.


1. When I try to log in to PioneerWeb, it tells me my web access is disabled.

This happens because you or someone else has attempted to log in to your account via PioneerWeb. Access is disabled when three consecutive attempts are made to log on using your student ID. Access to your account is locked in order to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential student records. If your access has been disabled, call the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095. You must have your student ID number to have your web access reactivated.

2. I need proof that I’m a student so I can have my loans deferred. Who can help me?

Contact the Office of the Registrar, room G33, at 303-871-4033.

3. How do I pay my bill?

The Cashiers’ Office is in the second floor of University Hall. You may contact the Cashiers’ Office at 303-871-4111.

Bursar's Office

4. How do I update my anticipated graduation date?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095.

5. I have a question I do not see listed here. What should I do?

Search this website using keywords. You may also contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095 or If we cannot answer your question, we’ll forward it to the appropriate university department.