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Office of the Registrar

Late Registration Fees

Students who do not register prior to the first day of classes will be assessed a NON-WAIVABLE late registration fee (see exceptions below).

The late registration charge does not apply to students who have registered and are making schedule changes (drop/add).

With the exceptions listed below, the fee will be applied to all late first-time registrants, including new students and students who are only enrolled in continuous enrollment, research or independent study hours.

Late Registration Fee Exceptions:

Students in the following colleges or schools are not assessed late registration fee. Please visit the colleges or schools website for the late registration fee or tuition refund policies:

Visiting and non-degree, special status students must often wait until the first week of a term to be granted approval to take courses; therefore, these students are not assessed late registration charges.

The Late Registration Fee does not apply to summer session and interterm registration.

The late registration fee will be assessed on new students unless the official orientation and registration is scheduled on the first day of classes.

Late Registration Fee Schedule

  • $ 25.00 First Day of the Quarter (regardless of what day the students first class begins)
  • $ 50.00 Second through fifth day of quarter (business days, Monday-Friday)
  • $100.00 Beginning on the sixth day and continuing forward

If registration is available over the weekend during or immediately following the first five business days, the $50 service charge is applied to first-time weekend enrollees (Saturday or Sunday). A $100 service charge is assessed beginning the 6th business day and continuing through the remainder of the quarter. Days are calculated based on the terms academic calendar and not on the class meeting days of specific courses. Tuition, fees and any other charges are due as specified on the billing statement. The service charge is not assessed for adding classes to an existing schedule. The maximum fee assessed for late registration in a given term is $100.

In the case of extenuating circumstances that are beyond the student's control, a student may appeal for a waiver of their late registration fee. Click here to Request to Waive Late Registration Fee Form.

Tuition Refund and Late Registration Charge Schedules.