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Employee Wellbeing

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Department of Human Resources


Transition from Kaiser Permanente to cigna

The University of Denver will be transitioning from Kaiser Permanente to Cigna July 1, 2021. All information regarding this change, including FAQs, recorded Town Halls, and Benefits Summaries can be found both at the Benefits Open Enrollment Website: and at the Cigna Transition website: 

With the change to Cigna, you no longer need to complete the wellbeing incentive program. Beginning July 1, the wellbeing incentive program will no longer be tied to the monthly medical premium rates. The rates per plan per tier will be the same for all employees enrolled in a Cigna medical plan. Employees will have access to their Wellbeing Incentive Portal through Aduro here at: until May 31, 2021. 

Faculty and staff support network (FSSN)

We are happy to announce a new resource—the Faculty and Staff Support Network (FSSN)—that will ensure that co-workers and colleagues have a way to reach out and engage support for someone they believe may need it.

While many resources and systems, such as the Employee Assistance Program, already are in place to aid members of the DU community, the new FSSN will address an important gap: how to intervene on behalf of someone who is struggling. If you notice that a co-worker or colleague is behaving in a way that causes you concern or creates an environment at work that you believe is harmful or unsafe, the FSSN will allow you to intervene discretely, without concern of repercussion. You also can self-refer through the FSSN for advice about what assistance you may need, or where within DU is the right place to turn.


The Wellbeing Program, as a part of Human Resources & Inclusive Community provides programming and incentives to encourage employees to thrive.


Email for any Wellbeing related inquiries.