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Performance Management


The 18-19 performance appraisals will be the last process conducted in SilkRoad before we implement Cornerstone for the 2019-2020 year.

Those divisions on the Academic Cycle (July 1 through June 30) have completed their appraisals and those on the Merit Cycle (October 1 through September 30th) will have access to their appraisals on August 15th.

Cornerstone will go live campus-wide January 2020 at which point all employees can enter the system to set goals and go through the performance planning process.

To be clear, you will not be setting goals in SilkRoad for the 2019-2020 cycle year, which starts October 1, 2019. SMART Goals Worksheet support coming soon.

Performance Management Overview

All DU staff use the system called Performance (by SilkRoad) to record their performance goals and results.

Performance management at DU involves three-step parts:

Part 1: Goal Setting
  1. Employee sets their own goals
  2. Supervisor cascades goals to their direct reports
  3. Employee asks for approval of their goal plan
  4. Supervisor approves their direct reports goal plans
Part 2: Check-In Meetings
  1. Employee and Supervisor meet to discuss progress
  2. Edits are made to the goal plan as priorities change
Part 3: Appraisal
  1. Employee completes self-appraisal (with approved goals listed under Performance Goals)
  2. Supervisor completes direct report's appraisal
  3. Supervisor schedules a review meeting with direct report and signs of on final appraisal
  4. Employee signs off on final appraisal

If you have completed any of the steps out of order, it is possible that you will not have your goals listed in your appraisal form. 


The Performance Management timeline varies depending on the employee's division.

  • Merit Appraisal Process | October 1 — September 30 | the appraisal year for all divisions(except Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, University Health and Counseling Services, Residence, Athletics & Recreation, Campus Safety and Ricks Center)
  • Academic Appraisal Process | July 1 — June 30 | The appraisal year for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, University Health and Counseling Services, Residence, Athletics & Recreation, Campus Safety and Ricks Center

In all cases, check-in meetings should be held between supervisor and employee consistently throughout the year.

Division Performance Contacts - Dashboard Instructions

Frequently asked Questions about the Performance Appraisal process in general

What do I do if the incorrect person is listed as my supervisor?

Follow these steps to request a supervisor change:

  1. Log into PioneerWeb
  2. Click "Employee" tab
  3. Under "Administrative Processes" (top right box), click on "Job/Position Changes"
  4. Choose "Job Change Request"
  5. Enter the Employee's information (who will be getting a new supervisor)
  6. Under "Job Action", choose "Job and Position Change"
  7. Click "Continue" 
  8. Scroll to the middle of the page and choose a new supervisor for the employee
  9. If there are additional job changes for this employee, they can also be done at this time
  10. Click Save and Continue
What is the difference between WingSpan and Performance?

Nothing. The company, SilkRoad, simply renamed the system from Wingspan to Performance. Wingspan no longer exists. 

What is the difference between SilkRoad and Performance?

SilkRoad is the company, the vendor, that owns the Performance system.

I was hired after July 1, do I still do an appraisal? Am I merit eligible?

If you were hired on July 2 or later, you are not required to complete a performance appraisal and are not merit eligible. For all employees who were hired July 1 and earlier, you are required to complete a performance appraisal in order to be merit eligible. 

I am a part time benefitted staff member. Do I need to complete a performance appraisal?  

Yes, all benefitted staff are expected to complete a performance appraisal each year in order to be merit eligible. 

What is the difference between Performance and the old system, Success Factors? What is the same?

Performance is a performance management system, just like Success Factors. At the end of the performance cycle, we will use Performance to assess overall employee performance as we did with Success Factors. What's different is that Performance starts the performance year by focusing on the creation of goals that will allow you to grow throughout the year. The addition of job competencies and duties will come later in the process.

I don't know how to use Performance.

Look through these Performance Management pages for step by step instructions with screen shots and videos, these FAQs, and sample goals. Please review these materials. Additionally, you can send an email to [email protected] to request assistance from the Performance support team.

I'm in Performance and I want more details about what I'm seeing on the page, can I see a deeper explanation?

Look for the blue i icon at the top of the page for deeper details, definitions and tips.

What is my username and password?

Your username is your DU email address and PioneerWeb password.

What is my preferred DU email address?

You can check and change your preferred email address in My Web on the Personal Info tab in Pioneer Web. There is a view and update email addresses option, the preferred email is marked with a check.

How do I reset my password or login information?

Contact IT Help Desk at 303.8714700 for help resetting password, verifying email address or with any login error issues.

If an employee is on leave, do they need to complete an appraisal? 

In the event that an employee is on leave during the 6-week appraisal timeframe (mid-August and Sept 30 for those divisions on the Merit Cycle year and mid-May through June 30 for those divisions on the Academic Cycle year) they do not have to complete an appraisal. If arrangements can be made to complete an appraisal ahead of time, that would be best to provide the employee with a fair and comprehensive review of their performance.

I am retiring this year, do I need to complete a performance appraisal?

An employee is welcome to complete an appraisal to gain feedback, however, they are not required to complete an appraisal in the year they are retiring. One thing to consider is timing; if an employee is granted a merit award, that will go into effect on January 1.

Key Terms

Goal (SMART):
Is what needs to be accomplished in a job. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound.

Are the required knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) and other personal characteristics that work together to enable an employee perform their required job duties.

Job duties:
The required tasks and responsibilities to be completed in a job. A job description summarizes the most important features of the job including job duties. For example, an auto mechanic would repair and paint cars.