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Performance Management


*Special Announcement*
20-21 Performance Reviews for Divisions on the merit cycle opens on August 16 

The next step in the Performance Management program is a year-end Performance Review. All benefited staff will end the performance cycle year according to their division, with a 3 step review. For resources on how to complete this process, please see the Resources page with instructional videos and user guides for employees and managers. 

ACADEMIC CYCLE ONLY - Performance Reviews opened on May 17, 2021 and run for 6 weeks with all 3 steps due on June 30, 2021: 

  • Step 1: Employee Self Review is due Tuesday, 6/1  
  • Step 2: Manager Review and Employee Meeting is due Friday, 6/25
  • Step 3: Employee Acknowledgement is due Wednesday, 6/30

Upcoming…Performance Reviews for divisions on the MERIT CYCLE will open on August 16, 2021 and run for 6 weeks with all 3 steps due on September 30, 2021. 

  • Step 1: Employee Self Review is due 8/30  
  • Step 2: Manager Review and Employee Meeting will be due 9/24
  • Step 3: Employee Acknowledgement will be due 9/30

For more information on timelines, please scroll down to the section called, Performance Cycle Timelines.

If you have any questions or need any support please feel free to reach out to Mia Elizardi, who leads the Performance Management at DU program or your division's HR Partner.

Introduction to Performance Management

Human Resources & Inclusive Community (HRIC) is thrilled to announce the new Performance Management at DU program. Utilizing software by Cornerstone, the new system, Pioneer@Work will allow benefited employees to create goals, document check-ins and more.

If you are interested in accessing your Performance Reviews prior to 2019, please reach out to your HR Partner or email

Performance Management at DU

Benefitted staff participates in the Performance Management at DU program, designed to encourage regular conversations with a focus on employee development. The system currently being used for this program is Cornerstone, one of CUPA-HR's preferred providers.

Performance Management at DU program includes:

Yearly Tasks

Performance Planning - First Quarter of the Year

Performance Planning includes three parts: setting job goals and objectives, reviewing the 5 competencies, and creating a professional development plan. Performance Planning is done at the beginning of the fiscal year or merit performance cycle (depending on your division). Goals help make sure that what you're doing aligns with the organization's mission and priorities.

Quarterly Check-Ins: Second and Third Quarter of the Year

Quarterly Check-Ins give employees and managers an opportunity to discuss goal accomplishments thus far; explore and understand priorities for the remainder of the year; and discuss progress against the development plan. It allows managers to give specific feedback and coaching, as well as provide a general sense of how performance is being measured without assigning ratings. An important part of the quarterly conversations is to recognize an employee's contributions.

Performance Review: Fourth Quarter of the Year

The year-end Performance Review is the formal performance assessment for the year. The purpose of a year-end assessment is to review achievements against goals and competencies, celebrate your successes, and document the progress you have made on your development plan. It also helps to ensure that all employees are fairly assessed, have a sense of accomplishment, and clearly understand how their accomplishments have helped drive DU's strategic plan, IMPACT 2025. 

System Reminders

Performance Management program lives on the Talent Management platform, Pioneer@Work

Each of the tasks listed above will be communicated to all employees and managers through system-generated reminders when:

  • A task has been launched
  • Task is due in 5 days
  • 1 day past due
  • 30 days past due
  • 60 past due
  • 90 days past due
  • 120 days past due

Performance Cycle Timelines

There are two Performance Cycle timelines at the University of Denver, as follows: 

  Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4

Performance Planning

Quarterly Check-In

Quarterly Check-In

Performance Review


Oct 1 - Sep 30 

Oct 1 - Nov 15
(6 weeks)

Jan 1
Apr 1
Aug 15 - Sep 30
(6 weeks)


Jul 1 - Jun 30 

Jul 1 - Aug 15
(6 weeks)

Oct 1

Jan 1
May 15 - Jun 30
(6 weeks)


Divisions on the
Merit Cycle Year 

Divisions on the
Academic Cycle Year

  • Office of Graduate Education
  • Arts & Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Ritchie School of Eng & Comp Sci
  • Natural Sciences and Math
  • Daniels College Of Business
  • Sturm College of Law
  • Morgridge College Of Education
  • Fisher Early Learning Center
  • Graduate School Of Prof. Psychology
  • Josef Korbel School Int'l Studies
  • Graduate School Of Social Work
  • University College
  • Colorado Women's College
  • Office of Resrch & Sponsored Progs
  • University Libraries
  • Provost
  • University Academic Programs
  • Registrar
  • Centers & Institutes
  • Internationalization
  • English Language Center
  • Institutional Priorities
  • Financial Affairs
  • Student Financial Services
  • Shared Services
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Conferencing and Event Services
  • Facilities Planning & Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Information Technology
  • General Counsel
  • Chancellor
  • Admission
  • Newman Center
  • Advancement
  • Marketing & Communications
  • DU Agency Organizations
  • Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence
  • Housing and Residential Education
  • University Health & Counseling Center
  • Ricks Center
  • Campus Safety
  • Athletics & Recreation
  • HR and Inclusive Community
  • Financial Services-Controller