Final Exam Scheduling

The Office of the Registrar schedules final exams for classes held during standard meeting times in fall, winter and spring quarters. Final exams are also scheduled for certain classes meeting one day per week. Since summer quarter is a truncated term, we do not schedule any final exams for that quarter.

Faculty Scheduling Exams

If a class requires a final exam assignment and did not receive one, contact the Schedule and Catalog Coordinator to request one. Conversely, if a class is scheduled for a final exam unnecessarily, please let us know so that the assignment can be canceled and the room can be made available.

Any final exam for a course must be scheduled during the final exam period. Students must attend all final exams as scheduled by faculty. The final exam schedule has been created to avoid conflicting exams; however, time conflicts are possible. Students should check their final exam schedules early in the term to identify possible conflicts. Students are expected to let their instructors know when they have more than one exam being held at the same time. The Office of the Registrar will attempt to resolve conflicts whenever possible. Final exams are not rescheduled if a student has multiple exams on the same day. It is at the discretion of individual instructors to accommodate student requests for moving an exam in the event that a student has multiple exams on the same day. Final exams are not changed to accommodate student travel plans, and students should only plan travel after the official end date of the term.

If you have questions or concerns about the final exam schedule, contact us at 303-871-4795, or e-mail the Schedule and Catalog Coordinator.

Final exams are not automatically scheduled for the following classes:

  • Not meeting for the full, standard quarter
  • In the English Language Center, the Graduate School of Social Work, the Sturm College of Law, the Graduate Tax Program, University College and the Women's College
  • With these schedule types:
    • Lab
    • Distance/Online
    • Clinical/Practicum
    • Performance
    • Independent Study/Research
    • Recitation/Discussion
    • Off-site
    • Internship/Externship/Cooperative Education
    • Directed Study/Research
    • Travel
    • Abroad