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Office of the Registrar

Registration Holds

If you've failed to fulfill an obligation to the University, we may place a hold on your account.

In most cases, you won't be able to register for or drop classes, receive or send your official transcript, or be accepted into programs until you clear the hold.

Common reasons for holds:

  • unpaid parking tickets
  • unpaid or late tuition, health service or study abroad payments
  • unpaid library fines
  • academic probation or suspension
  • violation of University or community standards
  • failure to provide previous transcripts
  • failure to provide proof of immunization
  • failure to submit documentation of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • at risk of INS non-compliance

Before you register for classes, log in to PioneerWeb to check for holds. Select the myWeb tab, click "Student Financial Aid," and select "Student Records" to access the "View Holds" link.

If you have a hold, you can find out how to resolve it by calling the office that issued it at the phone number we list beside the hold description. Only the office that issued the hold can remove it.