Tuition Appeals

If circumstances beyond your control cause you to stop attending your classes, you may appeal for an exception to the University's refund policy.

You must officially withdraw from all your courses before filing an appeal. You're eligible to file an appeal up to 90 days after the end of the term in which you enrolled in courses for which you'd like a refund.

To be considered for  a refund, you must meet one or more of the following criteria and provide appropriate documentation, as specified below:

  • You can't complete the course(s) because an immediate family member or a family member has died.
    Documentation: (for death) memorial service folder, notice in the paper or copy of death certificate
  • You've been forced to relocate for your job, or you've involuntarily lost your job and no longer are eligible for reimbursement through your employer.
    Documentation: letter on letterhead from immediate supervisor or human resource administrator.
  • You're unable to complete your course(s) because of an unexpected increase in job responsibilities, required change in your work schedule or required travel.
    Documentation: letter on letterhead from immediate supervisor or human resources administrator that specifies dates of increased workload or travel

If your circumstances do not fit the criteria listed above but you believe were beyond your control, you may also submit an appeal with documentation supporting your appeal.

To submit a Formal Tuition Appeal, log into MyDU, search for Request for Tuition Appeal, under the Requests and Other Actions, click Request a Tuition Appeal link. Please contact the Office of Student Billing directly, if you have any questions regarding how to appeal.

The Tuition Appeals Committee, which meets monthly, will review your petitions and deliver its decision to you via letter. This decision is final.

NOTE: In accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations, you may be required to forfeit any financial aid you've received, which may result in an outstanding balance owed to the University.