Performance Planning

The first step in the Performance Management at DU program is performance planning. This is accomplished by completing three sections: setting job goals and objectives, reviewing the competencies, and building a professional development plan.

Three Sections of Performance Planning

1. Job Goals and Objectives

  • Worth 60%
  • Reference the employee's job description, team, and divisional goals, as well as the university's current strategic plan.
  • You can now enter your job description into the system for reference throughout the performance year.

2. Competencies

3. Professional Development Plan

  • No rating
  • Discuss development opportunities for the short-term (job-specific) and the long-term (career-specific).

Process Steps and Timing

There are three workflow steps in the performance planning process:

  1. Performance planning by the employee – 18 days
  2. Manager review – 18 days
  3. Employee acknowledgement (Required) Six days

Employees must sign off to complete performance planning. Once completed, the employee's job goals and objectives will appear within the "Your Goals" tile on the dashboard when logged into Talent@DU. They will also be viewable to the employee's manager.


Performance Planning Instruction

For user guides, training videos, and support materials to complete performance planning, visit the Resources page.

Past Performance Cycle Goals

To view your goals from last year, in Talent@DU, click "View" on the "Your Goals" tile. Then, select the Previous Period from the dropdown.