Performance Management FAQs

General FAQs

  • How do I update my listed manager or job title?

    Contact your Budget/Business Officer.

  • I am a part-time benefited staff member. Do I need to complete a performance review?

    Yes, all benefitted staff are expected to complete a performance review each year in order to be merit-eligible.

  • How do I use the Talent@DU platform?

    Review the Talent@DU and Performance Management pages for details. If you still have questions, email for assistance from the Performance Management team.

  • What is my username and password for Talent@DU?

    Use your DU email address and MyDU password to log into Talent@DU.

  • How do I reset my password or change my username?

    Contact the IT Help Desk at 303-871-4700 for help resetting your password, verifying your email address, or fixing login errors.

  • Are performance reviews required for employees who are on leave?

    Employees on leave during the appraisal timeframe are not required to complete their reviews in order to maintain merit eligibility. If possible, however, a review should be conducted ahead of time or upon the employee's return — it is best practice to provide all employees with fair and comprehensive performance reviews.

  • I am retiring this year. Do I need to complete a performance review?

    No. Employees are welcome, but not required, to complete a performance review in their year of retirement.

  • Where can I find past performance reviews for employees who are now reporting to me?

    To find these reviews, log into Talent@DU and choose "Universal Profile" from the navigation menu. Under the section called "Team," choose the employee whose past reviews you would like to view. Under the employee profile, choose "Snapshot," and then the box called "Reviews." This should bring up a page from which you can access the employee's past performance plans and reviews.

  • What performance management key terms should I know?
    • Job Goals and Objectives – Start with the question, What do I need to do this year in order to be successful? Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound (SMART). These are the outcomes and deliverables of job performance, used to quantify overall contribution to the mission, vision, and values of the University. Achievement of job goals and objectives will be rated during each employee's yearly performance review.
    • Competencies – Employees are accountable for demonstrating each of the five competencies — work quality, initiative, communication, dependability, and inclusiveness — as they work toward achieving their job goals and objectives. Demonstration of the five competencies will be rated during each employees yearly performance review.
    • Professional Development – Professional development enhances performance in the employee's current role, and anticipates future needs of the employee's role, while considering the employee's career aspirations. Professional development is intended to support development efforts, and not rated during yearly performance reviews.
    • Training – Training programs and services are available through the People Development department of Human Resources & Inclusive Community. Log into Talent@DU and select "Add Training" to view a list of options.
    • Action Step – Action steps are customized, professional development activities meant to support employees' professional development objectives.
    • Alignment – All employees are encouraged to select goals and objectives that align with the five competencies and the divisional goals set by their managers.
    • Assignment – Managers are encouraged to assign their employees job goals and objectives that align with the five competencies and their divisional goals.

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