Registration Override

Faculty looking to permit registration overrides can follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Faculty Registration Permit Override

  • Faculty Registration Tools
    • Login to MyDU
    • Search for Faculty Tools
    • Click on Faculty Tools - Course Assignments, Grading, & Registration 
    • Scroll down to Course Planning and Registration Tools
    • Select the Registration Overrides link
    • Select the appropriate academic term and year
    • Search for the student. You may search by ID or name. The name search will allow you to search by last name, first name or both. The search also supports search by partial entry of a name. You can also restrict your search results using student types (student, advisee, both, all) in combination with names. Once you have located the student you are searching for, click submit.
  • Selecting a Student and Applying an Override
    • After selecting a student, the registration override tool will be visible. If the student is registered for other courses for that term, the student’s schedule will appear below the tool. You may now select overrides for courses you teach. You will need to select an override for each restriction for which you are permitting an override along with the course for which you are providing an override. If you are only granting an override for one restriction (e.g., closed course), you may click submit.
    • If you are permitting overrides for multiple restrictions (e.g., Student time conflict and instructor approval), you will need to enter each restriction and for the course separately and then click submit.
    • The specificity of these override permits allows you to stay in control. For instance, you might wish to allow a student to register for your course without a prerequisite but do not wish to let the student exceed the capacity on a closed course. You can do this by only selecting the pre-requisite override but not the closed course override.
    • Once you click submit, you will see that override or overrides you have granted for the student listed as: Override, CRN, Course, Number, Section, Student and Activity Date.
  • Override for Full Courses

    For full courses in which an override for seat capacity is granted, the student must search for the course by CRN in order to add the course. Full courses will not have the "add" button available in the course listings. Students, if having difficulty, should be directed to search for the course by CRN in order to add the course.

    Note for waitlists: Caution should be used when adding a student to a closed section when student(s) are on the waitlist. The automatic waitlist notifies students when a seat is available but if a student granted an override adds the class when a seat becomes available, the waitlisted student will encounter a closed course error. For questions please contact the Registrar's Office.

  • Override Error

    You cannot remove an override once it has been granted. If you make an error granting an override, email with the student ID requesting that the override be removed.