Students Called for Military Duty

The University of Denver supports students called to active duty in the armed services by providing academic support, tuition relief or refunds, and by reinstating students whose documented service has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment at the University. Service is defined by voluntary or involuntary active duty in the Armed Forces, including such service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve.

When a University of Denver student is under a call or ordered to active duty, the following provisions will apply. This guideline offers suggestions for ways in which academic and administrative units and faculty may assist students who are called to active military duty.


A student who receives orders to report for active military duty should submit a copy of those orders to the Lead Academic Certifying Specialist in the Office of the Registrar. The Lead Academic Certifying Specialist will provide a copy of the orders and an official leave of absence request (if applicable) to the Office of Graduate Education or the Office of Undergraduate Academic Resources, as well as the Office of Financial Aid (if applicable), and notify the student's instructors. The Lead Academic Certifying Specialist may also assist with the arrangement of course completion options, but it is generally the student's responsibility to work directly with instructors to determine appropriate course completion options.

If, due to the urgency of their military assignments, students are unable to submit the orders before reporting, they may submit them either while on duty or upon returning to school. DU can only consider requests for changes to grades or tuition charges after official orders have been submitted.

Course Completion

Instructors are urged to work with students called for military duty to enable the completion of coursework whenever it is reasonably feasible. If the majority of course's class sessions must be missed, however, the course should usually be dropped. When military orders are received late in the term, instructors may offer the option of an incomplete, if academically appropriate.

If, after arranging a course completion strategy, the nature of a student's military service prevents completion of the coursework, the instructor and the Lead Academic Certifying Specialist should be notified. They will assist the student in determining and implementing an appropriate course of action.

Other Academic Matters

  • Students who have suspended enrollment due to service requirements are allowed to re-enter their programs, provided satisfactory academic progress had been made prior to suspension. Existing policies for re-entry or readmission to the University will apply.
  • Time spent away from the University by graduate students on military deployments will not count toward time limits set for degree completion.

Students may appeal any administrative decisions related to their military participation by requesting the procedures for doing so from the Lead Academic Certifying Specialist.


Tuition & Aid

  • Students forced to drop courses or withdraw from a term due to military service will receive a 100% refund of any tuition paid for the courses dropped or withdrawn. Refunds of tuition and fees paid by financial aid or other third parties will be handled by the Office of Student Billing and the Office of Financial Aid in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Students forced to drop courses or withdraw from a term due to military service will not have their financial aid eligibility penalized.
  • Room and board charges will be prorated based on the student's official check-out date.
  • Students called for military duty prior to the beginning of their first term will have their enrollment deposits refunded.