Unofficial Withdrawal

In some circumstances, the University will withdraw a student even though the official withdraw process has not been initiated. This is known as an unofficial withdrawal, and it may result in the student bearing significant financial liability.

Causes of Unofficial Withdrawal

  • Non-attendance: You enroll in classes but don't attend, or stop attending without officially withdrawing. This may result in failing grades, outstanding tuition charges and loss of financial aid.
  • Inactive status: You don't enroll for one or more terms and lose automatic registration eligibility.
  • Term failure: You earn failing grades for all courses within a term. This may impact current and future financial aid awards.


Student Financial Liability

Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by the University's payment and refund policies. By completing registration, you agree to pay the total amount of tuition and other charges set forth, regardless of whether you attend classes. It is your responsibility to officially drop any courses you do not plan to attend or complete. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for information about financial aid withdrawal processes.