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Recruiting Philosophy

Careers at DU

Recruiting Philosophy

The University of Denver recognizes that to fulfill its mission it requires a diverse group of highly qualified employees – educators, researchers, administrators and support staff.  To ensure that the best possible candidate is identified for every open position the University supports a recruiting program that:

  1. Provides support to managers at every stage of the recruitment and hiring process.
  2. Supports a consistent, systematic hiring process to eliminate the possibility of discriminatory actions.
  3. Ensures that all applicable affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and practices are met.
  4. Utilizes tools that reach the broadest possible range of diverse candidates.
  5. Supports the University's retention efforts in the areas of compensation, benefits, training and development.
  6. Provides quality services, to hiring managers in a timely fashion to ensure the process is both effective and efficient.
  7. Requires appropriate due diligence in the review of candidate's background to ensure a workforce that is both highly qualified and a proper fit to the University's culture.