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Office of the Registrar

Grade Points & Terms

Grade Symbols, Grade Points and Interpretation

Instructors are required to assign a final grade for each student registered in a course. The following grades are used to report the quality of a student's work at the University of Denver:

  A   4.0 excellent
  A–   3.7
  B+   3.3
  B   3.0 good
  B-   2.7
  C+   2.3
  C   2.0 satisfactory
  C-   1.7
  D+   1.3
  D   1.0
  D-   0.7 minimum passing
  F   0.0 failure
Failing (F) grades may be assigned under the following circumstances:
  • when a student drops a course without permission and/or official notice to the Office of the Registrar
  • when a student’s academic work is judged failing
  • as a result of a finding of academic dishonesty
  • when a student registers for but never attends a class
  I   Incomplete
An Incomplete (I) is a temporary grade which may be given by arrangement with the student and at the instructor’s discretion when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course requirements by the end of the academic term. An Incomplete (I) grade is not calculated in the student’s grade point average and no hours are credited. Refer to the Incomplete Policy for more information.
  IP   in progress or grade not reported
  NC   registered for no credit, hours for courses taken for no credit are not counted towards hours completed and are not calculated in grade point average
  P   a passing grade notation that is in limited use and is not available as an option for standard grade substitution -- used only for classes approved to be offered on a Pass/Fail basis. Credit hours are earned but the pass (P) grade is not calculated in the student’s grade point average
  W   a notation that the course is withdrawn without prejudice, zero grade points per quarter hour, no hours credited

Use of intermediate grades (plus and minus) is at the discretion of the instructor.

GPA is calculated and truncated to two decimal places (hundredths). GPA is not rounded.