Grade Change Policy

Grades submitted by instructors at the end of the term are final and are not subject to change by reason of revision of judgment on the part of the instructor. Grades cannot be changed on the basis of a second trial, such as a new examination or additional work undertaken or completed after the grade report has been recorded, or by retaking the course.

Grades may only be changed due to:

  1. Correction of Error in Grading; and
  2. Grade Appeal

An instructor of a course is the only individual who can change a grade.

In the event of a grading error, the faculty member should change the grade using the University's grade change process. Any correction or appeal of a grade must take place in the term following the one in which the grade was assigned.

The initial reporting of a grade does not require the grade change process; if the grade was not recorded or if the course is listed as IP (In Progress), a memo on departmental letterhead will suffice to report the grade.