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Office of the Registrar

Withdrawal from DU

The Office of the Registrar is the first point of contact for initiating an official withdrawal.

However, if you're a student in one of the colleges, schools or programs below, you must contact its registrar's office to drop classes and provide withdrawal documentation.

With the exception of the Sturm College of Law, which is on the semester calendar, units must follow quarter-calendar drop dates and deadlines as posted on the registration and billing dates page. Choose the correct academic year when checking for deadlines. You can also find the tuition refund dates.

Students' financial liability

It's your responsibility to know and abide by the University's payment and refund policies. By completing registration, you agree to pay the total amount of tuition and other charges set forth, whether you attend these courses. You're also responsible for dropping any courses you do not attend, or do not plan to complete.

Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist

If you want to withdraw for one or more terms, please read the Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist (PDF) to understand the ramifications of the withdrawal, and for information about follow up once the withdrawal is completed.

Notify us of your intent to withdraw

Let us know if you intend to withdraw from classes by completing the Withdrawal Form (PDF) and returning it to the Office of the Registrar. If you're currently registered in classes, contact us online, in person, or by fax or phone. You may also submit a withdraw request via your PioneerWeb under the MyWeb tab or the Banner Self Service box. Click on Student, followed by Registration, and finally Withdraw from DU.

We record your official date of withdrawal as the date you notify the Office of the Registrar or the registration office associated with your specific program, of your intent to withdraw. If you call in your withdrawal request, please read the information on the Withdrawal Form (PDF) , as well as the Withdrawal Information Sheet and Checklist.

During the automatic withdrawal period (see below), classes will be dropped effective the date of notification.

Automatic withdrawal period

If you're a student in any program on the quarter system, you may drop classes without instructor approval through the sixth week of the quarter. If you withdraw anytime from the second to sixth week, you'll receive a withdrawal (W) grade notation for all your courses. We don't calculate a grade of (W) in your GPA.

Note: If you drop a course before the end of the first week of the quarter, the record is deleted.

Dropping classes after automatic withdrawal period

You must get instructor approval to drop courses if you miss the automatic withdrawal deadline (after the sixth week of the quarter).

Undergraduate students (except for those in University College): You must also get approval from Academic Advising.

Graduate students: Check with your college/program/school before withdrawing. You may not receive instructor approval if you're failing the course you're trying to drop.

You may not drop courses during the last two weeks of classes. See registration and billing dates for term-specific deadlines and exceptions. 

Suspension, Dismissal or Termination

After following due process, a University official may administratively withdraw a student for academic or disciplinary reasons. These types of withdrawal include:

  • academic suspension (mandated leave of absence)
  • academic dismissal
  • disciplinary suspension (mandated leave of absence)
  • disciplinary dismissal (permanent dismissal from the University)
  • termination (mandated withdrawal from a graduate program)

Learn about unofficial withdrawal